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Thanks for visiting. If you're looking for topics related to drumming and percussion, you'll most likely find something here. Drumming.com is the hub and aggregate for some of the most valuable drumming resources on the internet. From drum tips to drum terms to the history of drumming and even the latest drum news, learning about drums and percussion just got a whole lot easier. You no longer have to search the web for the best percussion resources. Simply use Drumming.com as your primary hub. - It's all here, and we're continually growing so check back often.

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Drums! That's all about drummers can think about. They live, eat and breathe percussion. They wake up in the morning tapping to the radio and spend their days thinking about a certain beat or drum fill. Drumming is their life. Drumming is their passion. Have a special drummer in your life? Make sure they know about all the resources here at Drumming.com. And if you're looking for a nice gift for the drummer in your life for birthdays, Christmas or special occasions like birthdays or Christmas, point them over to DrumBum.com. You'll find T-shirts, hats, stickers, custom drumsticks and thousands of other music gift items for drummers.


"Refreshingly simple, yet powerful. Way to go guys!
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