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Country drumming has been around since, well, country music. Requiring a simpler approach, country drummers are expected to not only lay down a solid foundation, but play with impeccable time and consistency. See just a partial list of noted country drummers below.

Tom Harden - DrummerTom Harden - Reba McIntyre, Ricky Skaggs, etc.

  • Eddie Bayers
  • Larrie London
  • Chad Cromwell
  • Kenny Malone
  • James Stroud
  • Brian White
  • Billy Mason
  • John Root
  • Chris McHugh
  • Rich Redmond
  • Buddy Harmon
  • Kent Slucher
  • Paul Leim
  • Mike Palmer
  • Jeff Marino
  • George Lawrence
  • Ben Sesar
  • Jim Riley

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Tips for Playing Country Music

  • Use the K.I.S.S. method to country music. Basically, keep it simple stupid. It is a simpler music.
  • Know your basic country beats like shuffles, bossa novas, train beats, polkas and slow 8th note time.
  • It's all about the song and the singer. Play for the music and think about how what you're doing compliments the song first and foremost.
  • Watch videos of other famous country drummers and see how they approach country music.
  • Forget your 32nd note Tony Royster drum fills. They'll rarely work in this genre. Use fills sparingly.

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Country music is one style of many. Others include the blues, jazz, rock, latin and soul. Modern country music incorporates a lot of these other styles. Some music you hear on the country stations doesn't even sound close to the old style country our grandfathers grew up with. These days, you don't have to be a "country drummer" necessarily to be a country musician. If you know most of the basic rock styles, you'll probably get along just fine.

*Stay tuned for more country drumming resources.

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