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Need custom drumsticks w/ band or company logo?
Whether you're a band and want a good seller for your merchandise table or a company that wants a fun giveaway for your potential clients, custom drumsticks are the way to go!

Custom Printed Drumsticks

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  • Custom Imprinted Drumsticks for corporate giveaways.
    Drumsticks with your corporate logo, tag line and branding make a fun promotional giveaway for tradeshows and company events. Throwing a seminar for your employees? How about drumsticks with a motivational theme like "Drumming Up Business" or "Beat that Drum!"

  • Custom Drumsticks for your band's merchandise table!
    Did you know that fans will buy drumsticks from your merch table? That's right, statistics show that giving away drumsticks and related promotions engages your audience which in turn helps them remember you. They love your band and want to be more involved. !

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Custom Artwork for Imprinted Drumsticks

Custom Drumsticks with Patented Full Color Printing Process


Drum Bum Company

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Printed Company Logo Drumsticks Work

The truth is, people just love drums! That's why a promotional theme having to do with 'Drumming Up Business' or 'Drumming up Support' etc. works. Put a pair of custom drumsticks in their hands and watch them smile! Whether they're customers or fans of your band, they're going to love being included in your FUN event. Drum Bum, a reputable 23 year company, is a leader in imprinted drumsticks for the industry. See some of the major brands below that we've done business with. They put their trust in Drum Bum because they know we can deliver.

Imprinted Products Customers

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Custom Drumstick Tips

  • Keep it simple. Your message will have more an impact if it's a simple logo or phrase.
  • Use your logo in addition to any tag line or saying. This doubles your marketing efforts.
  • Always buy a bit more than you need. Most people under-buy and end up running out.
  • Don't use black and white when full color is available. Color helps your printed sticks 'pop'!
  • Always give away drumsticks in pairs. Nobody wants only one drumsticks. It doesn't feel right. :)

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Custom Imprinted Drumsticks



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