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DrumChat.com - If you're looking for a large, quality drum forum where you can be part of a family without being intimidated or harassed, DrumChat.com is for you.


With over 15,000 members and HALF A MILLION POSTS, you'll find everything from how to tune a drum to advice on starting your first band. The members of Drum Chat are kind and helpful. Members are encouraged to use the utmost diplomacy and, as a result, the forum has become known as one of the most friendliest drum forums online.

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There are drumming websites, which can often contain a lot of great information. Then there are drum forums, which usually have 100 times the information. They also cover a wider variety of drum topics. You might find a few drum lessons, articles or links on your average drum site but on forums, they'll go into long explanations about why a drum does this or why you should hold your drumstick this way or that way and so on. When members of forums are giving feedback, you not only get their subjective opinions but you get comments on those opinions. This allows for a more fluid and engaging conversation that leads to even greater knowledge about the particular drumming subject being discussed. DrumChat.com is one of the largest drum forums on the net with over 500,000 posts. If you have a gift for rhythm or drumming, this is a site that you don't want to miss.

"Refreshingly simple, yet powerful. Way to go guys!
I'll certainly pass this on." - Steve Rye
, LHS B.D.

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