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Do you need Drum Lessons?
We are all born with different levels of natural talent. Some drummers are relatively self-taught and others require drum lessons from the beginning. Some get formal instruction in in their school band and others just pick it up along the way through friends or maybe through their church. Regardless of your situation, drum lessons come in handing when you want to pick up the pace a little bit and get a little more serious about drumming.

Whether you're a beginner drummer or have been playing for years, it's always a good idea to try and better yourself on the instrument. You'll not even feel better about your drumming as you progress but your band will thank you! Enjoy our many resources and links to drumming tips, articles, books and dvds. We'll guide you to the most basic to the most advance drumming and percussion topics where you can find everything from standard drum rudiments to helpful drumset tabs. Drummer dvds make great gifts for drummers. Click on the pic below.

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Learn about how to play the drums from rudimental drumming lessons to drumset lessons.
Find beginning to advanced lessons on drum beats, drum fills, how to play a drum solo and more!

Drum Lesson Tips

  • Don't just go to the first music store you see. Get recommendations from friends or other drummers.
  • If your first teacher doesn't feel right to you, don't be afraid to try someone else.
  • Check to see if the teacher has a degree or a vast amount of experience. There are a lot of unqualified teachers out there. Just because they're teaching doesn't mean they're good teachers.
  • Aside from music stores, you can also find teachers at colleges and through want ads.
  • Don't expect to learn drums overnight. Like any worthwhile venture, it takes time.
  • After taking lessons for awhile with one teacher, try another one. You'll be surprised how different they are regarding their approach. You'll likely learn a lot of new things.
  • Many drummers tend to buy dvds for drum lessons rather than seeking out a teacher. While this will save you some money, one-on-one instruction is recommended as a supplement to learning.
  • Ask what others think about a drum teacher's style and attitude. This will help you choose.

Chat about Drums and Drumming

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Online Drum Lessons or DVD's?
It's an ongoing debate. As technology grows, it's become easier and easier to access just about anything online remotely. But with technology also comes some sacrifice. It's no big secret that we give up the 'human' element - the touch, the feel and the nuance of one on one lessons that a live instructor offers. Here at Drumming.com, we're a proponent of personal instruction with a live human being (imagine that!) as it offers so much more. It also develops real friendships. Yes, of course it's more expensive but we would argue, well worth every penny assuming you have the right teacher. Think of all the other drum lessons as supplements to your invaluable one-on-one training. You can always pick up a DVD or watch some free drum videos online but the individual, private tutoring can really zero in on your specific needs with laser focus and personal attention. This has been proven to get you to your goals faster with greater efficiency as private drum teachers can also hold you accountable. If you have questions about private instruction or finding the right drum teacher for lessons, call us at 1-804-273-1353. We'll assist in any way that we can.

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Find all things drumming at Drumming.com: Styles include African drumming, Latin drumming, rudimental drumming, double bass drumming, and more. We offer paid and free drum lessons for all ages beginner to advanced. Find tips and lessons on drumming technique, jazz drumming, rock drumming, hand drumming and even country drumming. You'll find links to drum rudiments and lesson instruction for beginner drums to advanced. You'll also find numerous styles like japanese drumming, punk drumming, funk drumming and, blues drumming. Drumming.com offers numerous drum resources and drum lessons, drum tabs, articles, news, and more.

Drum Lessons

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Why Can't I Get Any Better at Drums?

It's a common complaint among drummers. "I practice a lot but don't seem to be getting any better." they'll say. While it may seem daunting, the answer is usually simple. Most drummers do not stick to a strict practice routine. They'll start off with a beat or a fill but before they get it down, they'll start jamming and playing things they already know. It's a common problem and all it takes is a bit more discipline. Make yourself finish the lesson for that day before you start playing anythng else. Then come back to it often. Repetition is the name of the game.

Another stumbling block is a lack of a game plan. Just as in business, it's important to define your future. Determine your specific goals. What do you want to acheive as a drummer? Then map out a game plan that leads you on a straight path toward that destination. When the game plan is unclear, you are less likely to be able to stay on that path and you're practicing will not be as effective.



*Stay tuned for more drumming resources.

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