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You'll find drum news on topics related to famous drummers, drum companies, drumming events, new percussion products and the latest goings on in the industry. Updated weekly!

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Do you want a large drummer's forum where you can not only get news and information on drumsets, new gear, tuning, drum lessons and just about everything else you'd ever know about the world of drums and drumming? DrumChat.com is that forum! Known for it's friendly vibe, Drum Chat is that place where you will never get pounced on or picked on for either being new or having a different opinon. The moderators demand respect first and foremost and that's made this forum one of the top drumming destinations online. Need to sell your gear? You can post a free drum classifieds ad on Drum Chat after you've made 100 posts. Stop on by Drum Chat today and be a part of our drumming family!


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