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We'll be listing drum teachers and related teacher resources here. Whether you're in New York, LA or Dallas, TX, we'll have names of experienced, qualified drummers to help teach drums in a professional manner and with the highest of standards.

  • Learn Rock and Roll - Search for a teacher and learn how to play rock and roll music.
  • Learn How to Play Jazz - From jazz to big band, search for experienced jazz teachers.
  • Funk Drumming - Search available drummers who specialize in funk.
  • Learn Heavy Metal - Teachers that teach double bass would be the best for this.

Check back now and then as this page of the site develops. In the meantime, if you have questions or need assistance with finding a drum teacher, go to DrumChat.com
and someone there can help you. There are thousands of knowledgeable drummers there.


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Tips for Finding a Drum Teacher

  • Check your local trading post paper or your music store bulletin boards.
  • Make sure that whatever teacher you find has a good resume and/or is well-educated in music.
  • If your first drum teacher doesn't feel right, consider trying out somebody else.
  • If you have friends that play music, see if they can recommend a drummer that also teaches drums.

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*Stay tuned for more drum teacher resources.
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