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Latin Drumming

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Latin music is extremely rhythmic and loads of fun to play. Drummers that want to play more Latin
flavored music or simply want to take their drumming to another level, study Latin beats, bands and music.
This broadens your musical style and makes you that much more valuable as a musician.

When you've studied Latin and world rhythms, it allows you more independence on the drums and enhances your expression in soloing as well. Watch musician and pro percussionist, Monette Marino Keita as she performs a wonderful drum solo between the djembe and conga drums. Visit Monette at MonetteMarino.com.
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Latin Drumming DVD
Conga Drumming
Latin Drumming DVDs
Afro Cuban Rhythms
Conga Drumming
Afro Cuban Drumset

Learn Latin Drumming
Free lessons on Latin Drumming at DrumBum

Learn about how to play the congas, bongos, djembe, and more. Find free drumming
lessons on numerous latin topics such as clave rhythms and afro-cuban rhythm examples.

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Drum Chat Forum

At DrumChat.com, you'll find tens of thousands of pages of information on
every drum subject you can imagine. One of the largest drum forums online,
Drum Chat even contains discussion on Latin drumming and it's history as
well as tips and ideas on how to approach the particular style of music.

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Drum Bum

DrumBum.com - Since 1999, Drum Bum has been the website that has gotten drummer's attention. With its vast drum lessons database to the hundreds of tips, drummers of all ages and walks of life have bookmarked the site to come back time and again to search for lesson material. If that wasn't everything, Drum Bum was the world's first store to specialize in drummer gifts and accessories. From T-shirts to stickers and cool posters, they've got the most exciting and unique collection of "cool stuff" for drummers around! Don't miss their popular drum forum, DrumChat.com.

If it has to do with drums, you'll find it at Drum Bum!


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