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Pound Fitness - Be a Rock Star!

A few years back, a couple of drummer girls from California found some synergy. One was a work-a-holic and the other a self-described fitness junkie. One day they were crouched over a drumset that had no stool and an idea was born! Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom launched POUND Fitness, a revolutionary cardio/strengh training course, and the rest (as they say) is history.

If you haven't heard of POUND by now, you might just be spending too much time under a rock. As the latest fitness craze, music lovers everywhere are crowding their local gyms with weighted drumsticks and signing up for this exciting, new drumming workout.

Pound Fitness
                                                                                                                Photo Credit: Brita Potenza

It's About Music and Fun

The draw to this innovative program is of course the drumming element combined with an intense workout. But the real draw is the the FUN element. Kirsten and Cristina were always obsessed with music and they knew that the drumming theme would not only spice up an otherwise boring workout routine but also allow those participating to feel like a rockstar for a day. They 'play' with fitness drumsticks while simultaneously burning calories and getting in shape!

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It's About Balance and Nurturing

Having dealt with their own personal struggles early on, the girls found their evolving friendship to be therapeutic as they worked out their individual demons (things like OCD-like behavior and lack of healthy boundaries). They realized that balance was necessary in life as was the need to nurture good habits. That wisdom later became their core philosophy: Life can't be fully enjoyed without balance and nurturing, and if you give up on self-improvement, at any time, you give up on yourself.

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It's About Results!

  • POUND is a full-body, cardio workout, combining light resistance and continual simulated drumming.
  • The workout incorporates cardio, isometric movements and Pilates to strengthen and sculpt muscles.
  • This full-body program burns 800 calories per hour through 15,000 drum strokes per class!

POUND Fitness is now an internationally recognized brand.

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Those Awesome Sticks!

Perhaps the most defining part of POUND is the cool, bright-colored Ripstix™ drumsticks . Weighing 1/4 lb. each, they're not just regular drumsticks but special, weighted sticks designed to provide resistance and burn calories. They're shorter than your average drumstick which helps class participants be able to reach a little farther while working out. The best part is seeing a sea of neon green in motion knowing that a lot of passionate 'POUND'ers are not only getting in shape but having loads of fun in the process!

Pound Fitness - Ripstix
                                                                                                                Photo Credit: Brita Potenza

Be a Rock Star! - Get in shape drumming to hypnotic rhythms and infectious beats.
The POUND Fitness drumming program is offered at fitness studios and exercise gyms around the world. Ask your local gym about drumming fitness classes and get on board today.

POUND Fitness

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