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Since the era of the Beatles and Elvis Presley, music has never been the same. With it's hundreds of styles and variations, Rock is now a staple in world music and the drummer is the foundation of that driving force.

Neil Peart is the most famous rock drummer in history. With one of the largest drumsets on the scene and exploding drum beats, not to mention legendary drum solos, he is a household name to even non-musicians.
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From the most basic rock beat to advanced syncopated rhythms, you too can be the next, greatest rock drummer. All it takes is some dedication and a lot of practice.

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Rock Drumming


Find all things drumming at Drumming.com: From rock drumming to jazz to blues, we've got resources to help you along your drumming journiey. You'll find articles, links and even history on traditional drumming on up to more modern styles. Search our network to find valuable links and resources, everything from the standard 40 drum rudiments to tutorials and drum lessons covering all styles. Do you like double bass? There are links to styles of latin drumming, blues, country and even african drumming where many drum rhythms originated from. Whether it be drum lessons, articles or drum tabs you're looking for, you're sure to find it here at Drumming.com. Browse around and click on the links. You'll like what you find!

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