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Drummer Gifts

If you're looking for just the right gift idea for a drummer, there is no better place than DrumBum.com. Formed in 1999, this unique company is still the only shop in the world specializing in gifts for drummers. They later added gifts for all musicians so if you want to buy a band member a gift, whether they be on guitar, bass, piano, violin or horns, you'll find thousands of really cool music gifts at this unique store!

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Gifts for Drummers

If you need birthday gifts or Christmas gift ideas, Drum Bum is the place!

Over 2500 Gifts for Drummers & All Musicians!

So... are you looking for a drummer gift for your boyfriend or son? Maybe your dad plays the drums in a weekend band or your son or daughter might play in the school marching band. Whatever the case, Drum Bum has lots of really unique gifts that will bring a smile to their face. From unique drum theme T-shirts to clocks and mugs, stickers and more, you're going to love Drum Bum. The best thing is, their new store now features things like a wishlist and filtering by price structures so, let's say you wanted gifts for drummers under $20, you can now have that show up rather quickly and conveniently.

Buy unique drummer T-shirts, posters, keychains and the coolest drum accessories at Drum Bum. They have things every drummer needs like sweat towels, drum keys and tuning wrenches but also things that they don't need but that would make a really cool gift item like diy percussion kits for percussionists or light up drumsticks so they can show off a bit during their solo. Drop by Drum Bum and check out all the coolest and best gadgets for drummers.

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Keep Calm Shirt Drummer Mug iDrum Shirt Drumset Clock

"Keep Calm"
Drum T-Shirt

World's Greatest
Drummer Mug


Alarm Clock
Drummer's Tool Drummer Mug iDrum Shirt Drumset Clock

Drummer's Tool

Drumstick Fire Necklace

Drumset Wall
Clock - Rainbow

Accessory Box
for Drumset

Drum Bum customers have included the Walt Disney Group, Live Nation, buyers for New York's Broadway, Cirque du Soleil, Late night with Conan O'Brien and more. Celebrities that have bought from Drum Bum include Kenny Rogers, Randy Jackson, Constantine Morales (American Idol), Jo Dee Messina, Ray Parker Jr. and drumming artists, Marc Quinones and Nate Wood (The Calling). If that wasn't everything, they've had product features in movies like Ted 2 and Final Destination 3. In 2015, "The Voice" purchased hundreds of light up drumsticks for their live TV event featuring one of their singer finalists.

Drum Chat Forum

Drum Chat is one of the leading drum forums on the net with thousands of members and over half a million posts. Find information on drum tuning, rudiments, buying drumsets and more. You won't find a more friendly bunch of drummers on the net. Stop by and make some new friends. DrumChat demands respect so there's no flaming or badmouthing other drummers. Check it out. It's free to join! Don't miss the hundreds of free drum lessons and videos there. Brought to you by Drum Bum, the folks that brought you drumming related gifts and gift ideas.

Drum Accessories

Gifts for Drummers

Need a unique music gift idea for a drummer? Drum Bum has some of the most unique gifts around. You can find an iPhone cover with drumsets on them. They've got pet collars and leashes with a drum design. There are flasks with a drum theme like snare drums or marching drummers and much more. Heck, you'll even find a trailer hitch cover with a drumset on it! And that's not all. They have a full line of party supplies including gift wrap with a drumming theme and other wraps with music designs. Stop by Drum Bum today and prepare to get excited about the 2000+ gifts for drummers in their store! If you ever need help finding that perfect gift, give us a ring toll free at 1-800-DRUM BUM.

Gifts for Drummers

Drum Bum also features music gifts for other musicians. Whether they play guitar, piano, sax or the violin, you'll find something for them there. Need a birthday gift or a Christmas gift idea for a musician? Or maybe you need a small gift for a band director or music teacher. Drum Bum has you covered. From mugs to ties to stationery sets and home goods like clocks or themed signs for the wall, they've got lots to choose from. Recent products include music themed smart phone accessories as well as new Buddy Rich T-shirts, hats and mugs. Don't miss our awesome drumstick necklace. It's a popluar item and they're going fast!

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National Drumming Day is celebrated November 15th. Mark your calendars!
Take this time to thank a drummer for his rhythmic contributions to the world. You could find a drum forum and participate or set up a team builiding event for your workplace that has a drumming theme - "Drumming Up Business". Call 1-800-378-6286 if you need custom drumsticks for your event. Drum Bum, Inc. has provided custom sticks and theme promos to hundreds of businesses and event cooridinators through the years. Call us for promo information and details.

National Drumming Day / International Drumming Day

Drum up support for a better world. Do your part to not only take from the world but give back.

Not just drummer gifts.

Besides the drumming theme, Drum Bum also features exciting and unique music gifts for guitar players, piano players, bass players and just about every instrument you can think of. From T-shirts to clocks to posters, there's a lot to pick from. If you have a birthday, anniversary or special event coming up for the musician in your life, Drum Bum can fix you up. They've even got music party supplies for your event like themed table cloths, cups and paper plates. If you ever need assistance with buying a gift for your musician, call 1-800-DRUM BUM.


More Ideas for Gifts!

Think you know what a drummer wants? I'll bet you first thought of a set of drumsticks didn't you? Would you believe that most drummers would think that was kind of a boring gift? Unless it has their name on it that is (Drum Bum does that too!). Well, drummers tend to get the most excited about gear. Things like a new double bass drum pedal or the latest drummer's gadget on the market that either helps them with tuning or keeps their bass drum from sliding while trying to play a powerful groove. Then there are things that they wouldn't expect like posters, cool drum stickers or drum-themed clocks. Drum Bum specializes in these cool gift products. You also can't go wrong with drum lesson books and videos. Drum Bum has hundreds of drum lesson and educational products for drumming. Stop by DrumBum.com to see what they have in the way of drummer gift ideas. You'll be amazed at the selection!

Tips for buying a gift for a drummer:

  1. Think about their interests. Do they wear T-shirts? Do they put stickers on their car? Do they have a drum room or studio where they could hang a drum sign, poster or place a figurine on a shelf?
  2. What do they already own? If the recipient is a family member or close friend, consider looking around the home to see what they already have. That way you can narrow down your choices.
  3. Do they buy a lot of drum accessories? If not, there's your gift! If so, perhaps you can discover some practical percussion accessory that they could use but don't already have.




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